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Here you will find the best holiday rental sites that are similar to Airbnb

The top ten holiday rental Airbnb alternatives

It is hard to know which travel comparison rental websites to choose from nowadays as there is so much choice. Airbnb is argaubly the most used and trusted, however there are many sites similar to Airbnb that will offer you great value accommodation options. Additionally, if you are searching for a specific sort of holiday letting Airbnb may not be the best place to look. We have numerous travel comparison rental websites that are focused on specific requirements, such as Turnkey dedicated to finding luxury accommodation. Below is a list of all of Airbnb's main competitors and a description of what each one specifically offers.

Holiday Lettings

Holiday lettings holds listings for 600,000 apartments, cottages and villas in over 150 countries. They have a sister site called where Spanish speakers can browse through rentals in their native language. They offer you the chance to book direct through a home owner. This will allow you to learn from the local hosts knowledge of the city and listen to some top tips.


TripAdvisor is the globe's largest travel community and so it is unsurprising that it created a holiday comparison rental site like Airbnb. Their goal is to provide customers with an alternative to staying in a hotel, such as a serviced apartment where you get more facilities and amenities, but still at a great price. Additionally, TripAdvisor connects its customers with their travel community, they provide you with tips and helpful information to ensure you make the most of your trip.


Homeaway was started 17 years ago and it is the parent company of VRBO, it is one of Airbnb's top competitors and it has a particularly large selection of accommodation in France and Europe. This site is particularly useful if you are travelling alone or as a couple and want to find a smaller apartment. So, don't just look on Airbnb because Homeaway also has some great value options.


Flipkey is owned by TripAdvisor, it is a site that offers great value accommodation and it is a good alternative to the increasing prices of Airbnb. They have listings all over the world and they are renowned for their safety. Flipkey is also easy to use because of its helpful search filters which enable you to look for a property that meet specific criteria that the customer requires. is similar to Airbnb however it has more of a focus on staying in a hotel and it offers great deals on hotels around the world. However, this website does have plenty to offer in the form of house and apartment rentals. The site is very easy to use and they have a great selection of holiday lettings.


Homestay is a rental site that provides guests with the experience of staying in the owners home. The advantage of this is that you get to meet one of our charming hosts who will provide you with an insight into the local way of life and top tips about what to visit in the city of you choice. They have rentals in over 150 countries however they do not have the same number of properties in each country as Airbnb.


This website is perfect if you want to experience something new and book an alternative type of accommodation. Outdoorsy has a wide selection of campervans to choose from that will ensure you have an eclectic trip. Outdoorsy provides you with superb campervans that will make you feel as if you are in your own home! Renting an RV is great for those up for an adventure because you can visit numerous places. All the RV's listed are owned by individuals renting them out. This is the Airbnb of campervan rentals!

One Fine Stay

This site is like Airbnb but its rentals are more high end, to put it into perspective this is the ideal website for individuals looking to rent accommodation for roughly £1000 a night. Therefore, if you are travelling on a budget this is not the place to look! However, for those who can afford it there are some stunning apartments and hotels on OneFineStay. They have specific requirements for hosts wanting to rent out their apartment or house and so you can rest assured that the accommodation listed is in excellent condition.


This is a prominent competitor of Airbnb, they have over one million users and roughly 300,000 properties in more than a hundred countries. They have a particularly large number of rentals in Europe, one might say they were trying to become the Airbnb of Europe. This clone of Airbnb will be shutting down at the end of 2018 as they have been facing numerous financial and business problems.


This is another site like Airbnb, they provide customers with alternative options to hotels. They are similar to OneFineStay in the sense that they offer high end luxury holiday listings, so don't be surprised by their prices. All of their properties are professionally cleaned and have all the amenities you require. Their service is also excellent you can contact a 24/7 local team for any queries or problems.

Why choose an Airbnb competitor ?

Although Airbnb does have a great range of accommodation all over the world, it has become very popular in the last few years and so prices are increasing dramatically. Additionally due to its popularity, you have to book an Airbnb far in advance, so it is not great for last minute trips. Airbnb has lost its personal touch, instead of being settled in and made to feel at home by the owner, you are told to pick up keys from a concierge. These alternative wesbites to airbnb are dedicated to taking the hassle out of finding unique accommodation that will leave you with special memories.