The biggest Airbnb alternatives in the UK

The biggest Airbnb alternatives in the UK

Here you will find the best holiday rental sites that are similar to Airbnb

It seems as though almost everybody who travels nowadays finds themselves an apartment, home or villa for their holidays. Just scroll through your social media, and you’ll come across somebody posting a tour of their holiday rental, which is, of course, followed by your inevitable travel envy (we've all been there). The rise in holiday lettings is unsurprising; however, when you consider you can live like a local and discover a home away from home to suit any budget or duration of stay.

It is likely that many of the apartments and houses you come across were booked on Airbnb because it is undeniably one of the most trusted rental sites in the world. There are, however, a range of websites similar to Airbnb currently in the UK market, which are worth a visit if you are looking to support an Airbnb competitor.

The most popular Airbnb competitors in the UK


As the most influential travel community on the planet, there is no better place to broaden your search for a holiday site similar to Airbnb than TripAdvisor. Everybody knows TripAdvisor as being the go-to site for honest reviews on accommodation, so it only natural that they use their powerful reputation to create a reliable holiday rental community. Advertising a range of lettings, while still providing you with helpful tips and travel information to help your trip run smoothly, TripAdivisor is the natural choice in the first step away from your Aibnb comfort blanket.

If you have a property and you would like to join the biggest travel community in the world, you can sign up right here.

Holiday Lettings

With online travel giants TripAdvisor as its parent company, it is no surprise that Holiday Lettings is emerging as one of the most successful holiday rental websites which are similar to Airbnb in the UK. With over six hundred thousand apartments, homes, cottages and villas in over 150 countries across the globe, you are certainly going to find the ideal property for your trip on Holiday Letting. Another advantage to booking through this Airbnb alternative is that you go directly through the homeowner, meaning you can learn how to live like a local from the very best, who might even share the best place to grab a pizza or go for a drink in the process, because that is the important information you need when you land in a new location. Cheers to that!

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Launched 14 years ago, HomeAway (previously known as Owners Direct) has been in the holiday game almost as long as air travel itself. Okay, well, not really that long, but it has still had years to mature and perfect its holiday rental game, making it one of the most important Airbnb alternatives here in the UK. This site is particularly useful if you are travelling alone or, as a couple and want to find a smaller apartment, especially in France and Europe, where they have a particularly extensive selection.

Join the Home Away communinty by making an account right here.


The third member of TripAdvisor’s holy trinity to make it on this list, FlipKey, is owned by an accommodation powerhouse, making it a considerable name in your search for a website similar to Airbnb. FlipKey is renowned for offering great value holiday rentals around the world, while their quick and easy search filters make finding the perfect property simple, no matter how specific your criteria may be.

See how quick and easy Flipkey is to use by signing up with this link.

Though you might initially think of a hotel on hearing the site, still has plenty to offer in the form of holiday homes and apartment rentals. The site is incredibly easy to use, and they have an extensive selection of holiday lettings — a fool-proof combo.

Become a member on this globally renowned site by signing up and listing your property here.


If you are searching for a room in an occupied property, Homestay is the Airbnb alternative of your dreams. The biggest advantage to staying alongside your host, is the invaluable information they can pass on to you during your stay, from the best places to dine and public transport tips, to inside information which even the internet can’t teach you, with Homestay you are covered!


When looking for an Airbnb alternative, a website specialising in RV’s and camper vans may not be the first thing you think of, but if you are on the beach for accommodation with a twist, you are not going to get anything quite as quirky as this. Outdoorsy has a wide selection of camper vans to choose from, and some of these are so cool, you will want to stay on the road forever. If you crave a bit of adventure, then Outdoorsy is the site for you, as you can hit up as many locations as you want, while bringing your bed with you. Now the only thing you need to think about is which songs make it to your driving playlist, and how is the designated driver, of course!

One Fine Stay

If James Bond was searching for a holiday rental, he would undoubtedly hit up One Fine Stay, as the webiste offers precisely what it suggests from the name, a very fine stay! If you are not travelling on a budget, or you want to splash out for an important occasion, this is the most exquisite Airbnb alternative you can find, so browse through a selection of the most exclusive holiday rentals on the market. The company holds impeccably high standards for hosts wanting to rent out their apartment or house, and so you can rest assured that the accommodation listed is in excellent condition; however, you need to be prepared to pay around £1000 a night for a slice of this luxury.


For another website similar to Airbnb, turn to Turnkey, who provide their customers with alternative options to hotels. In many ways, they are similar to One Fine Stay, as they too offer high-end luxury holiday listings, so don’t be surprised by their prices. All of their properties are cleaned professionally, and all the amenities you require are guaranteed to be close by. Turnkeys customer service also holds an excellent reputation, so you can contact a local team member if you have any queries or problems whenever, wherever.


Wimdu was the quirky German cousin of the cool Californian Airbnb, which offered a range of holiday rental options across the world. Despite raising $90 million in 2011, however, Wimdu could not compete with its competition and was unfortunately forced to end its services in late 2018. The site continues under a white label holiday accommodation company, and buyers who can regenerate the site are yet to be announced.

Why choose an Airbnb competitor ?

It cannot be denied that Airbnb has a vast range of accommodation all over the world. However, because of their increasing popularity over recent years, the prices are increasing dramatically. Another downside to the site’s popularity is that you have to reserve an Airbnb so far in advance, meaning it is not ideal for any last-minute or spontaneous trips. It has been said that Airbnb has lost its personal touch, as instead of being made to feel at home by your property owner, you are told to pick up keys from a concierge.

Alternative websites to Airbnb in the UK are dedicated to taking the hassle out of finding unique accommodation that will leave you with special memories. At the same time, you are supporting some independent and smaller companies who would appreciate your custom so much more because if you value somebody, they are going to value you right back.

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