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What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file on your computer that stores information about your visit to Likibu. The aim is to identify users, prepare customized pages on websites and save website login information for you. A web server does not have any memory, and so the host website transfers a cookie file of the browser onto your computer, in order for the web server to recall who you are and your preferences at a later date. It is significant to understand that cookies cannot harm your computer in anyway.

What about Cookies on Likibu?

The main purpose is to simplify navigation by permitting you to enter more specific data based on where you live, the language of your browser and if you have already registered then you don’t have to renter your username. Additionally cookies allow you to access your results from previous searches in just 1 click. Cookies are kept by your browser so if you change it your browsing session may not be the same. Cookies on this website are never used to keep personal information, like your credit card details.

Cookies from third-party platforms

Cookies are used by to create a smoother browsing experience for you. Moreover the data for Google Analytics are transmitted for measuring traffic and analyzing statistics on the website. Furthermore, we also work with other networks that may put cookies on your computer like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

How to manage your cookies?

If you would like to disable cookies this is possible. However we would not recommend it as it will stop you from entering certain areas of our website which creates a less fluid browsing experience. To deactivate cookies you need to go to the ‘Options’ or ‘Tools’ section of your web browser. Here is a list of instructions of how to deactivate cookies for the main web browsers.

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