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Facts and Questions

Why Likibu ?

Likibu will provide you with numerous holiday rental options and unbeatable deals. We are dedicated to finding you your ideal accommodation to ensure that you have an incredible holiday­­. Likibu compares listings from the top holiday letting websites such as, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and

What kind of holiday rentals can I find on Likibu ?

You can find holiday rentals all around the world on Likibu! From a luxury apartment rental in London, a serviced apartment in New- York, a chalet in the Alps or a homestay in Barcelona. We even offer some unusual types of accommodation for are more adventurous customers, such as yurts, caravans and castles.

Why rent an apartment, a house, a villa instead of a hotel room?

The quality / price ratio is much better value for money, you will pay less for a significantly more space offering benefits far beyond those of a hotel room (several rooms, lounge, kitchen, etc.). In short you will have a whole apartment instead of a single or a double room which will make you feel much more at home!

Are the accommodations offered on Likibu available worldwide?

Likibu gives you access to an extensive global network of accommodation. We will provide you with a wide selection of holiday rentals around the world, you can find accommodation throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa and even Oceania.

What does "entire home/apartment" "private room" and "shared room" mean?

"Entire home/apartment" means that you will have the whole apartment, home or villa to yourselves allowing you to have maximum privacy. Conversely a "private room" means that only the room will be fully available for the guest but they will have to share the rest of the rental with other people. A "shared room" means that several guests will stay in the same room.

What is a deposit and how does it work?

A deposit is a down payment given when you book your holiday rental, the money is received by the owner and you will receive a full refund at the end of your holiday. However, if you have damaged the property at all the owner will use as much of the deposit as necessary to fix the rental.

Can I cancel a booking?

It is possible to cancel a booking but you should always check the cancellation policy of each property as they often differ. Once you have made your booking the confirmation email from the provider will also have detailed information on this.

Which payment method can I use to book?

It will depend on the property owner or provider, when you get to the booking stage you will be provided with several payment options. The most used method of payment is by credit card or bank transfer.

How do I know if my rental is pet-friendly?

You can select the option of a pet friendly rental from the filter section to find all holiday lettings that welcome animals. If the rental does not have a pet-friendly sign next to it then you will not be allowed pets in that rental.

How can I contact the owner?

Once you have booked and paid for your accommodation you will receive a confirmation email with details of how to contact the owner and the managing agencies details. However, if you have not received this email then please call our customer service helpline.

Are my payment details secured and protected?

Your payment details will be protected when you pay for accommodation with Likibu, you just have to ensure that you have an SSL connection when you are providing us with your bank details. A lock icon will appear in the address bar of most browsers and if you click on the icon you will receive additional information about the encrypted connection.

How does check-in and check-out work?

The property owner or provider often has a set hour for check-in and check-out for each property. If you would like to arrange different check-in or check-out times you can speak to the owner about this, however it is not guaranteed.

If I have questions or have any problems, who should I contact?

You should get in touch with the property owner or the agency in charge of the rental you booked and they will be happy to answer any questions you may. Your confirmation email will have details of who to contact in case you encounter any problems.

How can I avoid a holiday rental scam?

You must always use a payment method that is traceable, paying for your rental by instant money transfer or sending cash in the post are unsafe. If you are sceptical about a property look through the reviews and ask for further details of the property that might be missing. Always ensure that you are provided with a contract specifying conditions that can protect you in case of a dispute and if you are not provided with this then do not trust the provider or owner.

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