Facts and Questions

Why Likibu?

Likibu will provide you with numerous holiday rental options and unbeatable deals. We are dedicated to finding you your ideal accommodation to ensure that you have an incredible holiday­­. Likibu compares listings from the top holiday letting websites such as, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and Booking.com.

What kind of holiday rentals can I find on Likibu?

You can find holiday rentals all around the world on Likibu! From a luxury apartment rental in London, a serviced apartment in New- York, a chalet in the Alps or a homestay in Barcelona. We even offer some unusual types of accommodation for are more adventurous customers, such as yurts, caravans and castles.

Why rent an apartment, a house, a villa instead of a hotel room?

The quality / price ratio is much better value for money, you will pay less for a significantly more space offering benefits far beyond those of a hotel room (several rooms, lounge, kitchen, etc.). In short you will have a whole apartment instead of a single or a double room which will make you feel much more at home!

What does "entire home/apartment", "private room" and "shared room" mean?

"Entire home/apartment" means that you will have the whole apartment, home or villa to yourselves allowing you to have maximum privacy. Conversely a "private room" means that only the room will be fully available for the guest but they will have to share the rest of the rental with other people. A "shared room" means that several guests will stay in the same room.

Can we trust all sites for apartment rentals listed on Likibu?

Yes, absolutely. All sites of private vacation rental referenced by Likibu are serious, trustworthy and offer totally secure transactions. You can book in peace, and make the most of your vacation.

Are the accommodations offered on Likibu available worldwide?

Likibu gives you access to an extensive global network of accommodation. We will provide you with a wide selection of holiday rentals around the world, you can find accommodation throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa and even Oceania.

What happens if for the same accommodation, the offer on Likibu is different from the offer on the partner's website?

In that case, trust the information specified in our partner's offer. Likibu makes sure to put the right information online but, if you notice any mistake, please let us know us at the following email address: contact@likibu.com. Please write as subject: "Error in offer".

How to book a holiday rental?

How to find a holiday rental on Likibu?

In the Search bar that shows on the Home page, as well as on all of the destination pages, choose the destination of your stay, your arrival and departure dates as well as the number of guests, before clicking on "Search". All the available offers according to the chosen criteria and a map with the location of each available holiday rental will then be displayed.

How to filter the search results for holiday rentals on Likibu?

Once the Search results show, you can filter the available offers according to your needs:

You can also choose to display the rental offers by increasing or decreasing price, the most popular or the discounted offers first.

How can I find the availability and price of a holiday rental?

To find all the available rental offers for the dates of your stay and at the chosen destination, pick your destination, your arrival and departure dates, as well as the number of guests. You will then be able to choose your favourite holiday rental. If you see an offer that you like while scrolling on a Likibu’s page, click on “View offer” and select your dates of stay to see its availability and price for the chosen period.

How can I know if the holiday rental I want to book is individual or to be shared with the owner or other guests?

For you to know if the holiday rental is individual or shared with the owner or other guests, carefully read the accommodation description, this information is usually clearly specified.

How to find a holiday rental that allows pets?

In the Search bar, enter your holiday destination, dates of stay and number of guests. Once you see the results of the available offers, tick the "Pets allowed" service in the "Services" filter at the top right of the screen. The results will then refresh to show you pet-friendly rentals only.

May I contact a rental owner to get more details about the holiday rental before booking it for a stay?

In order to respect security and confidentiality, we cannot give you the contact details of a rental owner ahead of the booking. In the offer, you will find all the details, photos, prices and reviews that have been sent to us by our partner. You will be able to reach the holiday rental owner once he confirms your booking.

Is it possible to book a rental for a few nights or is there a minimum stay?

Some owners impose a minimum stay, especially in high season (from Saturday to Saturday), but you will also find many holiday rentals that can be booked per night if you plan to stay for a weekend or at the middle of the week. Possible arrival and departure days are always highlighted on the calendar that lists the availability of the rental offer displayed.

Is the displayed price on the offer the nightly rate per person or the nightly rate for the whole accommodation?

Once the Search results show, the price you see on each offer is the nightly rate for the whole accommodation within the chosen period and regardless of the number of guests.

Does the total price shown include all the stay taxes and fees?

The cleaning fee and services, as well as all additional fees for the chosen options, will be specified before you confirm the booking on Likibu or on our partner’s website. However, take into account that you could be charged some additional fees, such as an eventual tourist tax or consumption fees, upon arrival or departure.

Is the cleaning fee always included in the holiday rentals price?

If the final cleaning is included in the total price of the rental booking, the fee will appear in the details of the price to be paid upon booking. The final cleaning is not always included in the price, you might have to do it yourself before leaving or to pick it as an extra service. You will then have to pay an additional fee ahead of your stay or upon arrival.

What payment methods can I use to book my holiday rental?

It depends on the selected offer and on the rental partner: depending on their payment methods, you might be able to pay by credit card, Paypal, check or even cash upon arrival. Each of our partners offers different payment methods. Before booking the holiday rental you have chosen, make sure that you will be able to use one of the payment methods available for the offer.

Can I pay for my holiday rental upon arrival?

For you to know if payment upon arrival is available for the holiday rental you have chosen, please check the payment methods of the rental partner. However, be aware that most of our partners ask for a deposit or for the payment of the total price of the rental before arrival.

Are my payment details secured and protected?

Your payment details will be protected when you pay for accommodation with Likibu, you just have to ensure that you have an SSL connection when you are providing us with your bank details. A lock icon will appear in the address bar of most browsers and if you click on the icon you will receive additional information about the encrypted connection.

How can I avoid a holiday rental scam?

You must always use a payment method that is traceable, paying for your rental by instant money transfer or sending cash in the post are unsafe. If you are sceptical about a property look through the reviews and ask for further details of the property that might be missing. Always ensure that you are provided with a contract specifying conditions that can protect you in case of a dispute and if you are not provided with this then do not trust the provider or owner.

How to know the arrival and departure times for the holiday rental I just booked?

The departure and arrival times might be specified in the description of the offer that you can read before booking the holiday rental, but it is not always the case. In any case, you must confirm with the owner your arrival and departure times so that he/she can arrange your check-in and check-out. If you plan to arrive at any other time than the ones specified by the owner, an additional fee may apply.

If there is a problem with the holiday rental upon arrival, who should I contact?

In most cases, the owner will be welcoming you upon arrival to handle you the keys and show you around the rental. In that case, let him/her know directly about any issue you encounter so that he/she can solve it as soon as possible. If the owner is not present, contact him/her to let him/her know about any issue that needs to be solved. If you cannot reach him/her, contact the final rental partner, whose contact details are specified in the booking confirmation email you received.

What happens if we damage the holiday rental or if we break something outside or inside the accommodation during our stay?

If you cause any damage, please contact the owner of your accommodation as soon as possible to inform him/her. He/she will be able to let you know the amount of the repair taken out of your deposit, if you have paid one, or to be paid in person if not. Do not forget to contact your travel or personal insurance to ask if they cover the damage caused in the holiday rental.

Can I modify/cancel my booking?

According to the modification or cancellation policy specified in the rental contract agreed between you and the rental partner, you should be able to modify or cancel your booking before your stay. To modify or cancel your booking, please contact the customer service of our partner, whose contact details are specified in the booking confirmation email you received.

How to modify/cancel my booking?

We work in close collaboration with our partners. When you book a rental on their website, you must therefore also modify or cancel your booking on their website. Please note that the offers available on Likibu belong to different partners and that each of them as its own modification and cancellation policy.

What is the cancellation policy of the holiday rental offers?

When booking a holiday rental, you automatically agree to the cancellation policy applied to the chosen offer. Each of our partners might have a different cancellation policy, so please check the cancellation policy of the final rental partner before booking your holiday rental to avoid any surprises (full refund might not be guaranteed by all our partners). You can find more information on our partners’ websites or on Likibu, in the “Cancellation policy” section or on the page you can access via the link redirecting to our partner’s ”Terms of service”.

I did not receive any confirmation email from Likibu upon my booking. What should I do?

If you booked your holiday rental on Likibu (and not on one of our partners’ website): Do not worry, please check your spam or junk inbox, as the booking confirmation email could be there. If you do not receive any booking confirmation email within 48 hours, please contact us so that we can solve the problem and get back to you as soon as possible.

I did receive a confirmation email from Likibu but no second confirmation email from the partner. Should I be worried?

Upon receipt of the confirmation email from Likibu, you should receive a confirmation email of our partner within 24 to 48 hours. If you did not receive an email from them after 48 hours, please contact them directly by sending an email or calling their customer service, whose contact details are specified in the confirmation email you received from us.

I have been redirected to another website to proceed with my booking. If there is any problem, who should I contact?

If you face any problem with your holiday rental booking on one of our partners’ website, please contact their customer service as they have all the information necessary to answer your query. If you booked your rental directly on Likibu, please also contact the rental partner’s customer service: their customer service contact details are specified in the confirmation email you received from us.

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